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About Us

TRAiLS stands for "Teaching Recreation and Adventure incorporating Leadership and Service." We are a group of students serving the GW community by planning and leading outdoor adventure trips throughout the year. As a departmental organization in the CSE, GW TRAiLS is a private, non-profit learning institution that is run by GW students.

Our volunteer student guides are selected to lead a variety of outdoor adventure trips, ranging from week-long backpacking trips to day hikes and apple picking. Guides commit countless volunteer hours every week to plan, execute and lead these trips. The "S" in TRAiLS stands for service, so when not leading trips for other students, we work on service projects in the DC area. GW TRAiLS guides share a fervent passion for the outdoors as well as an interest in serving the community through leadership and service. 

Looking to rent gear or equipment for your outdoor adventure?  Click here for more information on gear rentals through GW TRAiLS.


If you're interested in becoming a TRAiLS Guide, applications are CURRENTLY OPEN! The application can be accessed by clicking this link.

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