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Student organizations are just one avenue of co-curricular involvement on GW's campus, but with more than 500 registered student organizations, they are an important and vibrant part of the George Washington University. Assembled under an array of causes and interests, student organizations at GW create the most frequently attended and highly anticipated events on campus and offer endless opportunities for involvement and leadership. More than 87% of undergraduate students at GW are involved in at least one student organization. Student organization membership brings with it countless benefits, including:

  • Leadership opportunities: there are more than 1200 student organization officer positions, plus, we offer the Excellence in Leadership Seminar which offers specialized training sessions for student organization leaders.
  • Interpersonal relationships: Joining a student organization is the single best way to meet new people, form relationships, and start having those #OnlyatGW moments!
  • Positive outcomes: Research shows that students who participate in student organizations report:
    • Higher satisfacation with their college experience
    • Positive relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students
    • More interaction with peers
    • Development of important interpersonal, career, and leadership skills
    • Increased occupational success; employers favor involvement when making hiring decisions. Student organizations also offer valuable networking opportunities. 

Let us help you find your place in our student organization community! View our frequently asked questions below:

Which student organizations should I join? Ask yourself three questions to start thinking about which organizations you might want to join: 1) What is something you did in high school and want to continue? 2) What is something related to your academic/professional goals? And 3) What is something you’ve never tried before but always wanted to?

What student organizations does GW have? Our list of registered student organizations is always changing, but we generally have more than 500 active student organizations at any given time. The best way to learn about all of our student organizations to browse the GW Engage platform. You can also stop by the Student Org Resource Desk to learn more about getting involved.

What is Engage? Engage is an online platform for student organization management. Each student organization has a profile on Engage that includes an overview of the group as well as contact information. Anyone can log in to Engage using their NetID (first part of your GW email address) and associated password.

How can I get more information about a student organization? The quickest way to get more information about a particular organization is to visit the organization’s profile on Engage to get the organization’s contact information and send an email to the officers listed. 

How do I officially join a student organization? Membership processes vary by organization, but as a starting point, e-mail or speak with group representatives for more information and then start attending meetings and activities! Student organization fairs serve as a great way to get more information about the membership processes, but always feel free to reach out to the organization via email or social media.

I can’t seem to find the type of organization I want. What should I do? Stop by our Student Organization Resource Desk, email [email protected], or talk to any staff member or advisor.

Can I start a new organization? To learn more about how to start a new organization at GW, click here. Generally, we recommend that new students wait at least one semester before beginning this process.

What is a student organization fair and when are they? Student organization fairs are a large event during which GW’s student organizations stand at a table and share information about their group. The fairs are a great opportunity to learn about lots of organizations at one time and to sign up to get more information. Student organization fairs are typically held twp times each year: during Welcome Week (the fair during Welcome Week is called Fall Org Fair), and during the first week back from winter break. 

Can I find out if an organization I'm interested in has ever been documented for conduct? To better inform your decision on which organizations to be involved with, please consult the list of organizations which have been documented in conduct violations by visiting the Conduct and Expectations page for student organizations. 

I have a question about student organizations that's not answered here. Just send us a note at [email protected]