Meet Our Guides

GW TRAiLS Guides!

The following GW students are the real heart-and-soul of TRAiLS.  These volunteers devise and plan all the outings, do the leg work, organize the logistics, and do everything else to ensure a safe, educational, and fun-filled adventure. In addition to offering extensive experience in the outdoors, all TRAiLS Guides are certified in Wilderness First Aid (WFA), Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Leave No Trace (LNT) wilderness ethics.  









“Teddy” The TRAiLS Bear

The TRAiLS Bear, (born Theodore McBearson V) was born in a humble cave in the northern woods of Canada.  While his date of birth is unknown it is widely speculated that he is close to 148 years-old. His childhood was filled with pleasant memories of eating blueberries and mauling campers.  In 2002, Theodore decided to further his education at The George Washington University. Being that he is a huge and awesome bear, Theo felt out of place in the city and decided to create an organization that would cater to students like himself who craved the outdoors. This longing desire, and the need for devouring wild salmon, began the series of events that eventually led to the creation of TRAiLS. Today, Theo resides in the TRAiLS Office in Mitchell and generally goes by the nickname of "TRAiLS Bear". He has experienced considerable fame, including being featured in Maxim magazine, and is often seen at TRAiLS events. Other hobbies include attending classical music concerts, playing water polo and reading 19th century Russian literature.  Please stop by and feed him treats.





Anna McGarrigle

I'm a Senior majoring in American Studies with GIS minor. I like swimming in freezing water, taking photos for GW TRAiLS, and racing cars on my bike. I studied abroad in Nepal. Come on a trip with me to talk about maps or how much I love my Northern California home. Poll: how can I make being a TRAiLS guide my career?



Caitlin Wuebbolt

Hey there, my name is Caitlin and I’m a Senior majoring in Public Health with a minor in Spanish and Biology. Some of the things I enjoy most in life are long hikes, new and bizarre foods, as well as passionate and interesting people… so, naturally, I gravitated to TRAiLS and all that it has to offer.

Seriously, come play outside, it’s the best, and I absolutely cannot wait to see you out there!


Lauren Mitchell

I'm a Junior majoring in Geology from Northern California. I am a fan of sleeping under the stars and getting up early to eat oatmeal from packets. I enjoy exploring different corners of the world while listening to educational podcasts. I think rocks rock and I'm down to chat about and plate tectonics. Guiding trips for TRAiLS is my jam. Come explore marvelous Mid-Atlantic trails!






Kate Lips

I'm a Senior born and raised in the Utah wilderness, my parents- a biologist and a geologist- never gave me the option of staying inside, and to this day I love nothing more than exploring outside and looking for interesting rocks, bizarre insects and exotic fungi. Though I can't handle spicy food or scary movies, I never say no to a new adventure; from rafting The Grand Canyon, to becoming EMT certified, to attending Burning Man, I'm always up for a new experience, and am thrilled to be a part of all that TRAiLS has to offer.






Anthony Stasulli

I'm a Senior majoring in International Affairs (Security Policy) and Russian Language and Literature. I love the outdoors for its healing honesty and tranquility. When not making a stupid joke, you can find me analyzing/quoting one of my two other greatest passions--hip-hop and poker. Don't tell my parents, but being a professional poker player/comedian/occasional writer is my dream job. Hmu if you're lookin' to hear some rhymes or play for stacks.










Ben Ureles

I’m a Junior from Rochester, New York. I’m studying English Literature and I hope to work as an environmental lawyer one day. Both of my dogs are named after Adam Sandler movies, and backpacking and blues are my favorite things.





Anna Wadhwani 

Anna is a junior from the most livable city in the US, Pittsburgh, PA. When she isn’t studying for her Public Health and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies majors, you can find her doing her favorite outdoors activities: taking naps in parks on sunny days and climbing trees. She is passionate about health policy, doing puzzles with her mom, and coercing Semel into eat spicy foods. Anna hopes to one day break the Guinness World Record for being the oldest person in the world.







Hannah Hassani

Senior majoring in Economics in International Affairs. I'm from Rockville, Maryland where I did lots of running, hiking, biking, and climbing. Currently, I enjoy eating green, leafy vegetables, playing tetris, and jamming to tunes, preferably outside. Make my day and sign up for trips. See you in the great outdoors!




Michael Semel

I’m a Junior from New Jersey majoring in political science and criminal justice. I’m an avid sports fan and love hiking, rafting, running, and other fun stuff. I’m a big fan of sitcoms and a very picky eater. Some of my outdoor goals include running a marathon in the near future and experiencing tons of new activities with TRAiLS. 






Shelby Fredrickson 

I'm a Senior from Maryland studying Fine Art and Public Health & dreaming about a career in art therapy. I've grown up wandering through the trails of the east coast and have a particular love for backpacking and mountain sunsets. My passions include conquering new yoga poses, tattoo design, hammock-ing, and leafy green food. I'm never too far from my sketchbook and often find myself covered in paint. Come adventure with me!




Rosa Mas Volpe

I'm a Junior majoring in Political Science and English. I'm from the small but mighty state of New Jersey. My favorite past times are laughing, hiking, and dancing. Especially all at the same time!





Alex Rubenstein

Hi, it's me. I'm Alex. I was born on a snowy night in December. I love making fairy houses, dandelion/ivy crowns, and my favorite movie is The Princess Bride. One time studying abroad in Morocco my friends and I got caught pool-hopping, where we snuck into hotel pools around the city, and had to pay a bribe to some guy to let us go. It was fairly scary but worth it. If I could, I would spend all my time outside exploring creeks and climbing trees. However, I'm also a studious student studying some sort of educational studies, though I'm still stuck on selecting a subject. My Tinder profile says "Swipe right, but I won't message first. Wanderlust." Also I'm a Junior from Portland, Oregon. Come play outside!






Addie Morgan

Hiya folks! My name is Adelaide but everyone calls me Addie. I am currently a Senior majoring in Political Science with a minor in sustainability. I am from NY but I like to pretend I’m from Maine. In case you were wondering why I have a stuffed chicken in my picture... His name is Chicken and he's been on every trip with me... cause WHY NOT?! Anyways, I love backpacking, hiking, canoeing and basically any activity outdoors! Finally and most importantly. I truly believe that pizza and the deli are the answer to any and all life problems.



Victoria Kilsch 

I am a Junior studying Business Administration.  I was born and raised in the marvelous land of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  On any given day you will probably find me binge watching TV shows on Netflix, hanging out with my friends, or going on spontaneous adventures.  I hope to one day travel the world while working for a Nonprofit to help people and the environment.  Some other things I am passionate about are being outdoors, the environment, and the Midwest (specifically Wisconsin).



Dakota Morrow

Hey friends, Im a Sophomore majoring in International Affairs and hailing from the exciting area of New Hope Pennsylvania. My hobbies include animals, frockets, eating, hiking, and traveling. Im excited to be part of such an incredible TRAiLS community, and hope to see people joining me on trips this year!






Sabrina Kelly

Hey everyone! I go by Sabs, Breezy, Bean, Brie but Sabrina works too. I really likes rocks and my dog, Rosie, who is my favorite buddy to take with me on adventures. We mainly go on hikes, swims and runs together. One time we even tried dog scootering (look it up if you want a laugh) but my mom told me it was social suicide to keep up with it. Sometimes I’ll ditch her ​and go use a bow to propel some arrows, go biking or hop in a canoe. I also have a fascination with looking through rock pools and collecting shells. Anyways, come hang out(side) with TRAiLS!



Will Berkery

I'm a Sophomore from New Jersey. I'm double majoring in Archeology and Classics and minoring in Bio Anth. My favorite things in the world are caves and waterfalls and ideally caves with waterfalls. I'm seriously into photography, and traveling. The goal is to visit every country in the world, so i'm banking on a long life. Hope to see you on the trails.



Sam Eppler

My name is Sam Eppler and I'm from Portland, Oregon. I'm a Junior majoring in Economics (double major in International Affairs) and minoring in Arabic Language and Literature. I really enjoy chess, reading, NBA basketball, the stock market and traveling around the world; albeit GW is keeping me grounded in foggy bottom a little too much for my liking (TRAiLS is my escape). My dream outdoor adventures are to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and complete the Pacific Crest Trail in its entirety from Mexico to Canada. Hopefully I'll see you on a TRAiLS trip soon! 











Turi Abbott

I’m a Junior majoring in International Affairs who is from the lovely but soggy Pacific Northwestern terrain of Washington. If I’m not reading a book on a mossy knoll or napping on Alaskan tundra, you can find me scouting out wildlife on ridge lines, drinking boat loads of coffee, discussing film, or making flower crowns.








Ethan Young

I'm a Sophomore from San Francisco, California. My passions include climbing, hiking, biking, and surfing. I'm an avid traveler and spending too much time in one place makes me go crazy. I want to share my passion with the outdoors with as many people as possible so come adventure with us!











Reaiah Moses

Hi everyone! I'm Reaiah (pronounced Ree-ah), a Sophomore double majoring in International Affairs and Economics. My love for the outdoors began with Adventure Bound, and I've enjoyed every minute spent in the wilderness since then! When I am not TRAiLS-ing around campus, you can find me eating grilled cheese sandwiches, watching Friends on Netflix, or cheering on the Bruins. I hope you decide to come play outside!








Mary Lindgren

I'm a Sophomore currently attempting the arduous endeavor that is Pre-Med. I'm from Olympia WA and am skilled at the fine art of camping in the rain (it's super fun, don't let anyone tell you otherwise)! I love all things outdoors, hence the TRAiLS guide gig, and especially enjoy beef jerky trailside, scoping out the best pano pic, and quiet mountain sunrises. Hope to see you all out on the trail!










Gabe Murphy

Gabe is a Political Science Major with a Minor in Journalism and Mass Communication. He spent more of his time growing up in New Hampshire, but has lived all of the world in such places as Albuquerque, New Mexico; Ghedi, Italy; and Adana, Turkey. He has always been an outdoor enthusiast and spends much of his time back home exploring the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. Aside from TRAiLS, Gabe is heavily involved in the theatre community with the 14th grade players theatre company as one of their directors for spring semester of 2017 and as an assistant technical director on their executive board. Gabe also enjoys throwing the frisbee around, making jokes that nobody else thinks are funny, and eating way more than is appropriate.











Robert Wright 

I am a Sophomore with no idea what I want to study. Before coming to school I spent time in Nepal and India teaching English. I love the mountains, traveling, and reading motivational novels. I am from Colorado where I love to ski, hike, and play in the snow.





Cassie Gharnit

I'm a Sophomore from Long Island, New York planning on majoring in philosophy and minoring in sustainability. I have a deep love for swimming that is responsible for my need to jump into any body of water I come across, even though I am sometimes advised otherwise (e.g. the Hudson and Potomac). I'm always down to explore new places and love the great outdoors!



Dyson Waite-Himmelwright

I'm a Sophomore from Santa Cruz, California studying Creative Writing and English. I grew up exploring the redwoods of coastal California and feel most at home sitting in the woods by a river or stream. I really believe that the best ways to play are all outside. My favorite movie is Moonrise Kingdom, my favorite book is The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, my favorite snack is a pint of strawberries, and my favorite animals are moles.






Sam Brunetta

I’m a Junior from San Francisco, California and I’m studying Geology. In my free time I like working on my ’81 Datsun 280zx, exploring, and doing challenges like GORUCKs, Spartans, and Tough Mudders! I also spend crazy amounts of time in movie theaters and I’ve been to 20 countries! I really really really want a raccoon as a pet. See you out there!






Anne McBride

What's up GW? My name is Anne, and I'm from the strange city of Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm studying Latin American & Hemispheric Studies and Spanish and hope to one day either work overseas for a Latin American NGO or work seasonal positions in national parks until I'm way too old to be doing that (or both??). In my free time, you can catch me obsessing over breakfast foods, riding around DC on my bike, which I call Mellow Yellow (quite rightly!), planning backpacking trips in my head, or whipping up smoothies at South Block in Helwell. See y'all outside! 


Jared Bulla

Hello there! My name is Jared and I am a freshman majoring in International Affairs. In addition to being outdoors, I enjoy watching the West Wing and taking long walks by the State Department. Being in the outdoors with a good book is definitely one of my favorite pastimes. And as the great sage Ron Swanson says "I also think its pointless for a human to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it."








Hillary Dale

Hi! I'm a sophomore and a Communication major from Glendale Heights, Illinois. I'm pretty new to this whole "enjoying the outdoors" thing thanks to a summer spent working at a sleepaway camp last year. I learned I'm at my happiest when I am sleeping outside and in a perpetual state of slight sunburn. Aside from enjoying the outdoors, you can catch me raving about college radio and arguing about which Kanye album is the best.




Ryan Kleissler

Hey y'all, I'm a Freshman majoring in International Affairs (Security Policy) and minoring in Naval Science. I am originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina so I am a life long Tar Heel fan. I've got three brothers, two dogs, and my favorite animal is a tie between whales and owls. When I am not outside hiking I like to read John Le Carre novels watch old movies.







Cole Falkner

I am studying International Affairs, concentrating in Security Policy and pursuing a double major in Spanish. I am super into photography and I crave travel, the combination of these has provided me with some incredible opportunities. I joined TRAiLS because being outside is the best and being able to participate on amazing trips with amazing people sounded like a no-brainer. My favorite things to do outdoors are snowboard, hike (preferably in the mountains), and anything on/in the water. After school I intend to join the Peace Corps and hopefully I will end up working and living abroad.  



J Andrew Bertsche

Hello I generally go by Andy, I am a studying International Affairs. I am an board game enthusiast and occasionally involved in GW theater. I read a lot of fantasy books and love to discus them (Game of Thrones is one of my favorites) . I love hiking, rock climbing, and every type of diving. I still keep a one dollar off of Ben and Jerry's ice cream in my wallet from when i was 10. 


Mahalia Smith

Hi, I'm a freshman from Louisville, KY majoring in (most likely) German & Poli-Sci. Some of my favorite things include painting & photography, running, hiking, and traveling. My junior year of high school I lived and studied in Germany, and one day I dream of moving back to Germany to either work at the American Embassy or at some dope international German business. See y'all on the trails!


Gwendolyn Cochran

Hey! I’m a sophomore studying International Business and Economics. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas so I naturally gravitate towards all things swimming, hiking, running, and kayaking! You can usually catch me throwing a frisbee, trying out new yoga poses, or painting my most recent hike. I’m passionate about the outdoors and hope to share my love for adventure with the GWU community. Come play outside!!! 


Emily Reilly

What's good? I'm a sophomore from good ol' New Jersey. I'm currently pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Fine Art. I love to get out of the Foggy Bottom bubble to eat good food, hear good music, and hike good trails. Nothing's better than roasting beets, hammocking with a pal, petting pups, and laughing so hard that I can't speak. I was raised exploring the beauty of the East Coast, and I can't wait for you to experience it for yourself! See ya outside~~


David Deignan

I am a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia. I am hoping to major in history and my hobbies include hiking, chilling, and hanging out with friends. It's a good time. 






Vince Roselli

I'm a freshman applying to the School of Media and Public Affairs for Political Communication. When I'm not outside on an adventure, I'm probably playing music or running the streets of the city! D.C. is great but Virginia will always be my home. Come play outside!








Ashley Gehsmann

Hi! I'm a sophomore at GW studying organizational sciences. I grew up in Vermont, my favorite place in the whole world. If you have any connection or interest in VT, I can't wait to chat about it. I love fresh water and rivers, especially those hidden between lots of trees. For fun, I enjoy running or walkin around outside, making friendship bracelets, doing yoga or babysitting. TRAiLS is cool because everyone is willing to drop everything to get to know ya and do so while exploring new places. Join us soon!


Andie Marczewski

I am a Sophomore from CT studying Biomedical Engineering! Running, playing frisbee, and listening to music are a few of my favorite activities! I adore TRAiLS because I love going outside and meeting new people and it is a wonderful community.