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International Connections

International Connections is a program for international students (both undergraduate and graduate) at GW. The mission of International Connections is to build community and develop relationships between domestic and international students at GW as well as assist international students in their transition to their new living and academic environment. The mission of International Connections will be met by:

  • Developing and offering educational programs to the campus community to enhance positive interactions between domestic and international students

  • Providing opportunities  for international and domestic students to practice what taught and learning during the program in a safe environment.

  • Supporting international students  in their adjustment to their host country  educational system and culture

  • Helping the institution in educating globalized citizens by providing each student knowledge/experience in a cultural exchange where learning is mutual

  • Connect international students to the institution and the greater Washington DC area.

International Connections guides are paired together and each pair will consist of one domestic student and one international student. Each pair of guides will be responsible to design an International Connections learning labs as well as an outing related to the theme covered in the labs.

Additionally, the Guide pairings may be ask to work together throughout the year to develop or support  various programming initiatives

    • Life at GW - learn about life at Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon Campus.
      Wednesday, September 6 from 8:00-9:00 pm
      District House B207
      RSVP Here

    • Navigating GW Academic Experience - participants will learn about academic culture, general expections and resources on campus.
      Wenesday,  September 13 from 6:00-7:00 pm
      District House B114
      RSVP Here

    • Getting Involved at GW - learn about involvement opportunities at GW
      Wednesday, September 20 from 6:00-7:00 pm
      District House B114
      RSVP Here

    • DC: Life in America's Capital - learn how to make the best out of your DC experience
      Wednesday, September 27 from 6:00-7:00 pm
      District House B114
      RSVP Here

    • Uniquely American - get a better understanding of American culture and how to best experience it
      Wednesday, October 4 from 6:00-7:00 pm
      District House B114
      RSVP Here

    • Your GW Experience - Reflect and share your stories, challenges, and successes from your first 6 weeks at GW.
      Wednesday, October 11 from 6:00-7:00 pm
      District House B114
      RSVP Here

  • International Outings are a chance for international student to explore their new home together. With the 12 student guides who lead Learning Labs students can attend monthly outings that will include activities such as:  

    • Trick or Treating (a Halloween tradition) at the Embassies in October

    • Watching an American football game and eating a Thanksgiving Dinner in November

    • Ice Skating and sledding on Capitol Hill in December

Detailed information (included dates, times, and locations) will be sent to you at your GW email address. All Learning Labs are free and all International Outings are either free or have a nominal fee.

For information regarding how to become an International Connections Guide, please click here.

If you have questions about this event please contact Thomas Germain, at [email protected].

2017-2018 International Connections Guides


Michaela Altland

Country of Origin: United States

GW College: School of Engineering and Applied Science

Hobbies: Involved with Engineers Without Borders, Society of Women Engineers, Relay for Life of GW, GWteach, and a sister of Sigma Delta Tau. I enjoy running around DC and playing soccer.

I became an International Connections guide to help others find their new home at GW. GW offers so many unique opportunities and each student can create their own GW experience. By being a guide, I hope to encourage new international students to see everything FC has to offer while taking advantage of every opportunity.


Charles Arnold

Country of Origin: United States

GW College: Elliott School of International Affairs

Hobbies: Long-Distance Running, Guitar, Breakfast, Soccer, Building Spotify playlists, Pickup Basketball, Watching Jeopardy.

Why I became a guide: International Connections offers an unique opportunity to welcome and develop relationships with incoming students. Over the past three years, I've been incredibly fortunate to receive exceptional education, develop lifelong friendships, and gain valuable insight as an Elliott School student. I'm excited to extend these similar experiences to the next generation of GW thinkers. 


Vanessa Coker

Country of Origin: United States

GW College: Elliott School of International Affairs

Hobbies: I love to dance <3

I became a International Connections guide because I am passionate about bringing to light the diverse perspectives of GW's student body. I think it is important to be advocating for the voices of all people on campus. Since coming to GW, I have had the opportunity to interact with a diverse and inclusive study body, staff, and faculty in a multitude of settings. I want to expand these conversations so that it can serve as a way for GW to develop as a whole. 


Selin Ozturk

Country of Origin: Canada

GW College: Columbian College

Hobbies: GW Varsity Swim team, outdoor adventures, and exploring the city!

The reason I wanted to become a guide is because both my parents were immigrants to Canada, so I was brought up in a Turkish-Mexican household, and I know the struggles that people may face coming to a new country. I faced them myself when I came to the States, and I simply wanted to help ease the transition however I can!


Rachel Lyons

Country of Origin: Minnesota, United States

GW College: Columbian School of Arts and Science, School of Media and Public Affairs

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Tennis and Hiking

I strongly believe in the value and importance of multiculturalism and inclusivity on college campuses, and I love to learn about the many cultures and backgrounds represented at this University by getting to know students on a personal and meaningful level. I want to help ensure that the GW community is welcoming and open to everyone by creating spaces for students to come together. Being a International Connections guide gives me the opportunity to do this in a unique way that is in line with my values, and I strive to be a supportive and uplifting leader in the position. 


Liz Maysonet

Country of Origin: United States

GW College: School of Business

Hobbies: I love travelling, learning new languages and exploring DC with friends

I became an International Connections guide to meet and get to know other students who share different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives!


Kathryn Muth

Country of Origin: United States

GW College: Elliott School of International Affairs

Hobbies: Ice hockey, reading, and cooking

I became an International Connections guide because I wanted to facilitate a conversation between domestic and international students. I'm fortunate to be friends with a few international students from my Japanese class, however, I wanted to push it further than that. I constantly want to learn about other cultures (hence my international affairs major) and the best resource to do this would be to get to know international students! Although there are cultural differences, we are all GW students and tare therefore bonded by that common link. 


Hyuk Park

Country of Origin: South Korea

GW College: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Hobbies: Travelling

Over the course of getting used to being an international student, I found myself losing confidence which I used to have. Since I saw many international students having difficulty of communication with their domestic colleagues, I have realized that it might be a problem in common among international students. So I want to be a International Connections guide so that more students are motivated by this program and successfully achieve what they wish for here. 


Ruihang Shen

Country of Origin: China

GW College: Columbian College Arts and Science

Hobbies: Zoomba, Painting, Watching fiction movies

As an international student, I feel lucky to be a part of a diverse community and meet people from all over the world in GW. I believe communication between domestic students and international students is necessary and beneficial for all students. I would be glad to work as an International Connections guide and serve as a bridge between different cultural communities in GW. 


Renad Uri

Country of Origin: Palestine

GW College: Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Hobbies: I spend a lot of my time discovering new restaurants in the DC area, as well as attending lectures and shows about different cultures. 

I decided to become an International Connections guide after I read the description on the application. It was everything I already do with my friends, and I took it as an opportunity to meet new people. People just like me that moved from a place that is very different than where I came from, and help them settle in, feel at home and enjoy their new city life!


Nana Adwoa O. Bamfo

Country of Origin: Ghana/United States

GW College: School of Medicine & Health Sciences

Hobbies: Reading, Netflix binges, and trying new food places

I moved to the United States at one point in my life to be closer to my family. I understand how challenging it can be to adjust & find your place. I want to be a resource and support to others. 


Yiting Wang

Country of Origin: China

GW College: Elliott School of International Affiars

Hobbies: Art (painting/drawing), translating/interpreting, cooking, travelling to different countries

An an international student, I experience and understand struggles many international students go through. I have overcome these struggles by becoming friends with domestic students and learning about American culture through my interaction with them. Therefore, I became a guide to help building better, closer relationships between international and domestic students. 



































































































Resource guide for International Students

The GW Committee on International Students Success created a resource guide, check it out by clicking here.