Gear Rental & Partnerships


Interested in working with TRAiLS to create a trip for your department or student organization? Email us at [email protected]

Gear Rental List

GW TRAiLS rents gear to all GW affiliates who are interested! We typically rent gear on a weekend basis but we can accommodate a variety of needs. Gear is rented out of the TRAiLS office, located in the basement level of International House, 2201 Virginia Ave NW.

To rent gear, you must notify us at least a week before the gear is needed. 

The listed rental prices do not include the security deposit. Payment in the form of cash is preferred .The security deposit can be cash or check returned to the renter after the gear is returned.

If equipment is broken or damaged, renters are required to cover the cost of the damage.

Prices for one weekend of rental

Packs-Cost $20 (Deposit $100)

Tarps- Cost $7 (Deposit $10)

Sleeping pads- Cost $10 (Deposit $20)

Sleeping bags- Cost $15 (Deposit $50)

Gravity bags- Cost $10 (Deposit $40)

Flashlights/headlamps- Cost $5 (Deposit $10)

Stove and pot set- Cost $25 (Deposit $50)

Thanks for considering TRAiLS! For more information, or any questions you may have, contact the gear managers:

g[email protected]