Forming a New Student Organization on Campus

New Organization Formation Process Infographic

Do you and other students have common interests and want to create a forum in which you can express and share those interests? Then forming a student organization is definitely the way to go! Starting a new organization requires time and dedication but it will be worthwhile. Student organizations at the George Washington University provide students with an opportunity to explore interests, sharpen skills and learn about themselves and others while enhancing the academic mission of the university.


For an organization to be recognized at the George Washington University and be eligible for all benefits provided to registered student organizations, follow this process:

  1. Meet with a CSE representative at the Student Organization Resource Desk to discuss your idea in a new organization consultation meeting. No appointment is needed. See hours at
  2. Complete the registration application via OrgSync. (If you are reactivating an existing organization, in place of completing a new application, please e-mail [email protected] as explained in the Guide to Forming a New Student Organization.)
  3. Present your proposed organization idea to the New Organizations Committee, comprised of students and staff. The presentation should be no longer than 4 minutes and cover the action plan and purpose of your organization, as well as what unique needs the organization fills on campus.

Review the Guide to Forming a New Student Organization for a complete explanation of the process.

New Student Organization Registration

After an organization submits their materials (outlined in the Guide to Forming a New Student Organization), the New Organizations Committee will contact the individual who submitted the application to arrange a time to present. Please allow for 3-4 weeks between completion of all application materials and your presentation date.


New student organization registration is open within OrgSync starting July 1. Applications for new or reactivating organizations are accepted until April 15 or until the New Organizations Committee's presentation slots are filled, whichever comes first. Organizations wishing to submit a budget request for Student Association annual allocations for the following academic year must apply by February 1 to guarantee a registration decision in advance of the budget submission deadline.

Student Organization Constitutions

All student organizations must have a constitution to govern their organization. Every constitution must include 4 required clauses. Refer to the GW Constitution Guidelines for a full guide on writing a constitution.

Provisional Status

Once an organization is approved for recognition, the organization will have Provisional Status for one year. Organizations with this status must meet specific expectations within their first year of operation. Organizations that fail to demonstrate significant progress toward these expectations and milestones may have their registration status revoked by the CSE. Please review the Guide to Provisional Status for Student Organizations for a complete explanation.