Thesis and Dissertation Resources

Writing a thesis or dissertation is a big task, but its successful completion is a critical component of most graduate programs. This page is designed to provide you various resources to help you with your thesis or dissertation. However, these tools and resources should be used as a supplement to the myriad resources provided to you by your school and program.  In most schools, an advisor will be assigned to guide students who are working on a dissertation.

Here is a guide to resources that each school provides:

Columbian College of Arts and Sciences                                
CCAS provides students with guidelines for preparation of master’s theses and doctoral dissertations.  Students should discuss discipline specific style requirements with their research directors.  For more information, contact Rebecca Dunner, Program Manager of Graduate Student Services (202-994-9632 or [email protected]).

Elliott School of International Affairs
Students are paired with faculty readers on theses writing prior to submission of final product.  For more information contact [email protected].

Graduate School of Education and Human Development
The Instructional Service Center (ISC) provides research methods, technology and media support for the Graduate School of Education and Human Development. For more information contact Nancy Gilmore, Manager of Education Programs, at (202) 994-6162.  Additionally, the Doctoral Advancement Seminar/Dissertation Support Group led by Dr. Sharon McDade has monthly sessions which are open to all GSEHD doctoral students. There is a Blackboard site for this group which includes resources from previous sessions.  Video tapes of pervious sessions are also available.

School of Engineering and Applied Science
Students are assigned an advisor to assist in the theses and dissertation preparation process.  For more info contact Dan Campbell at (202) 994-1858.

School of Public Health and Health Services
Students are assigned an advisor to assist in the theses and dissertation preparation process.  For more info contact the Institute for Mental Health Initiatives (IMHI) at (202) 467-2285.

School of Business
A thesis is not required for the masters programs.  For information contact Maureen Madison, Advanced Degree Program Coordinator, SBPM Graduate Business Program at (202) 994-1601.  For information regarding dissertation preparation workshops offered by the GWSB Doctoral Student Association, visit their website.

Additional Resources:

The Public Policy Student Association (PPSA), a membership-based organization created and run by graduate students in public policy, seeks to provide all Master and Ph.D. level policy students with a professional and social network.  Location: MPA building 6th floor Public Policy Student Room. For more information or questions email [email protected].

The GW Writing Center provides assistance with all kinds of writing projects including course papers, theses, speeches, and scientific reports.  For information contact Nileah Beil at (202) 992-0208 or (202) 994-3765, located in the Academic Center 801 22nd Street NW, Room 550 or go to, email [email protected].

The Department of English provides a list of professional editors available for hire to proofread theses and dissertations.  Contact (202) 994-6180.