Student Organization Forms and Documents

GW student organizations are now able to manage many aspects of their organization via OrgSync, a comprehensive org management and communication platform. The system allows groups to manage all spending requests, view their budgets, apply for co-sponsorships, communicate with their organization members, post events, register events with alcohol, request travel accommodations, and more.

Access OrgSync by visiting and logging in with your NetID and password. 

If you have any questions regarding the use of a particular form please contact your student organization's staff advisor or the Center for Student Engagement front desk at 202-994-6555 or email Staff advisors are listed on each organization's OrgSync profile.


Student Organization Handbook

Click here to access the Student Organization Handbook!


Spending & Depositing Student Organization Money

Student organizations will conduct the vast majority of financial transactions via OrgSync. 

Spending Money: View the video below to learn more about how submit spending requests in OrgSync, or download the full guide here

Making a Deposit: Learn how to make a deposit on OrgSync.

View your SA Allocation: Learn how to view the allocation provided to your student organization by the Student Association.

Applying for a Co-Sponsorship: Learn how to submit a co-sponsorship application to the Student Association.

Working with the Student Association

Student organizations wil receive cohort-based advising through SA senators. There are 5 cohorts, each comprised of graduate and undergradate SA senators and led by a Cohort Captain from the Finance Committee. Student organizations should communicate questions and concerns directly to their assigned Cohort Captain, who can provide assitance with budget preparation, co-sponsorship requests, and overall advocacy. Cohort Captain assignments, based on organizational category, are below:

For a full orientatation on working with the Student Association, please view the SA Finance Presentation.

Office Hours: SA, Student Org Resource Desk, and Financial

Student Association - Student Advocacy Office (Marvin Center 427)

Monday: 3pm - 6:30pm
Tuesday: 3pm - 5pm
Thursday: 4pm-7pm
Friday: 2pm-4pm

Student Organization Resource Desk (Colonial Crossroads - 5th floor Marvin Center lobby)

Monday: 1pm-5pm
Tuesday: 1pm-6:30pm
Wednesday: 1pm-5pm
Thursday: 1pm-5pm
Friday: 10am-2pm

CSE Finance Office Hours (Colonial Crossroads - 5th floor Marvin Center lobby)

Spring 2017

Monday: 9am-4pm
Tuesday: 1:30pm-6:30pm
Wednesday: 10am-12:30pm, 3pm-6:30pm
Thursday: 10am-2pm
Friday: 11am-1pm, 2pm-4:30pm

E-mail to request an appointment to meet outside of office hours.



All contracts or agreements with parties external to GW must be approved by a student organization’s staff advisor and signed by the designated GW signatory. Students and staff other than the designated GW signatory are not permitted to sign contracts.  If your student organization is hosting a program with a vendor/performer, then a contract must be completed through the Center for Student Engagement. This process must be completed before advertising for the event. Complete the Contract Information Sheet (CIS) and submit it to your Student Organization Advisor. Students are not permitted to sign any external agreement under any circumstances.


Student organizations are permitted to request reimbursements for cost incurred for organizational business. Student organizations should avoid reimbursements whenever possible. It can take up to 6-8 weeks for money to be credited back to the spender's account. Student organizations should speak with their advisor about alternative methods of payments, most notably utilizing the GW credit card or taking out petty cash. Our financial team is happy to think creatively with an organization about alternatives to reimbursement. If a reimbursement is necessary, the request must be accompanied by a fully itemized receipt that is less than 30 days old. Requests for reimbursements should be submitted via OrgSync.

Travel Forms

Student organizations must register all organizational travel outside of the Washington, DC I-495 Beltway. Student organizations that fail to register organizational travel risk their registration status and forfeit any and all use of organizational funds for travel costs or reimbursement of travel costs.

Student Organization Domestic Travel: Student organizations traveling within the U.S. should complete the travel registration form on OrgSync. Ensure that the travel participation waiver is completely filled out prior to beginning the form. All students traveling must provide a signature and emergency contact on the Travel Particpation Waiver

Student Org International Travel Application: A submitted and fully approved application is required for student organizations traveling abroad. Please do not make travel arrangements until your application has been approved. The deadline to submit applications for student organizations wishing to travel internationally over spring break is January 30, 2015. The deadline for student organizations wishing to travel internationally over winter break is November 16, 2015. The deadline for student organizations wishing to travel abroad over the summer break is May 16, 2016. Apply here. 

Student Driver Guidelines: Please note that any student driving any vehicle (personal or rented) on behalf of the University or for a University event must be an authorized driver (see driver authorization application below). Please also review the Motor Vehicle Safety Policy and the Student Driver Guidelines. Per University regulations, students driving on behalf of their student organization may only drive 300 miles (one direction) from the trip's point of origin. 

Driver Authorization Application:  This form shall be completed by persons who may, for any reason, need to drive a University owned vehicle, or a vehicle leased or rented for the purpose of transporting passengers, regardless of their status as an employee (e.g., faculty, staff, etc.), student, student-employee or volunteer. Students should send the completed form, along with a photo/scan of their drivers license to their organization's staff advisor. Organization staff advisor must sign and will then submit on your behalf. Students should allow 10 business days to become an authorized driver.


Student Organization Training Materials

Officer Transition Guide

Updating Your Organization's OrgSync Portal

Updating Officers/Admins in OrgSync

Student Organization Policy Cheat Sheet

Excellence in Leadership Seminar
Send representatives to at least 3 sessions before March 2017

In-person training sessions on general OrgSync usage, website building, and communication tools are available - view upcoming dates on the Excellence in Leadership Seminar Calendar

Student Organization Registration

Student Organization Registration is not currently open. The next registration period will take place in late September. If you are interested in restarting a previously registered organization or starting a brand new organization, please view this guide forming an org and visit the Student Organization Resource Desk to begin the process. Click here to see the Student Organization Resource Desk Hours.

Registration Guide

GW Constitution Guidelines | Sample Constitution Template | Sample Constitution Template

Printing & Promotion

Approved Printing Vendors: Only approved vendors are permitted to print merchandise with the GW logo. 

Artwork Approval Form: All printed merchandise with the GW logo must be approved by the GW's Licensing and Tradmark Program before the vendor will print it. Submit your artwork for approval by LTP using this form. 

Postering & "Dorm Storm" Policy

University Calendar - Submit an Event

Event Planning and Reserving Space on Campus

If you are not a registered student organization, click on these links to reserve student space in the Marvin Center or Gelman Library.

Reserving Space

To see informaiton about reserving space on campus for student organizations view our CSE Reservations page. Please note that to reserve space on behalf of your student organization, you must become an Authorized Scheduler - follow this guide to assigning schedulers for your organization

Event Planning Guides