Spring Move-Out

As a reminder, all undergraduate residence halls will close in May at the conclusion of the Spring semester. Any requests for extended stay housing will need to be submitted through the GW Housing e-Service portal. We ask that you review the following action steps before departing for the academic year.

Step 1 – Select your Check-Out Method, Express or Traditional?

  • Express Check-Out: Select this method if you’re confident your room has no damage and is in good condition, your move out is time-sensitive, or you’re moving outside of the hours traditional check-out is available.
  • NOTE: If you elect an Express Check-Out, you will be unable to contest any damage charges if they are later discovered in the room.
  • Traditional Check-Out: Available only for departures scheduled within a specific window. This option entails a walkthrough of your room with a GW staff member and is the best option if you aren’t comfortable with your room’s condition, wish to take responsibility for any damages, or your roommate(s) have not left yet and you are not sure that they will leave the room in broom clean condition.

Step 2  Prepare your room to be left in “Broom Clean” condition.

  • Submit a Fix-It request for any current facilities issues in your room.
  • Ship items home now or donate/recycle them through GW’s Green Move-Out program Donation boxes will be in most residence halls lobbies beginning May 8, 2017.
  • Determine with roommate/s (if applicable) who is taking ownership of any shared items.
  • Pack and remove all personal items from the room, bathroom, living room & kitchen area (if applicable) and any hallways/alcoves.
  • Empty the Micro-fridge unit and any/all kitchen appliances.
  • Properly dispose of all trash as well as unwanted broken/soiled/used items.
  • Do not leave any items in the building corridors, hallways, or common spaces.
  • Relocate accepted items for donation to collection bins found in most residence hall lobbies.
  • Arrange furniture back to the original layout.
  • GW is not responsible for personal items that have been left unattended in building corridors, hallways, common spaces, or in unlocked rooms.

Step 3 – Return Room Keys (Express Check-Out only and/or if applicable).

  • Proceed to your respective campus Key Depot and return all room and mailbox keys. You must complete the Self-Checkout Form on the Housing e-Services portal before the Key Depot will accept any keys. For a faster check-out process, have the confirmation email ready to show to Key Depot Staff when you arrive.
  • Lost or unreturned front door or bedroom keys will incur a charge of $150 per key.
  • A lost or unreturned mailbox key will incur a charge of $10.
  • If a key is returned that is different from the key that was issued, the original key will be considered lost and you will be fined accordingly.
  • The Foggy Bottom Key Depot will be staffed and accepting keys 24/7 during the move out period. The Mount Vernon Key Depot will be staffed from 8:30 AM until 8:00 PM, and there will be a drop box for use outside of those times.
  • You must return your key before leaving campus, keys mailed to the Key Depot will not be accepted.

Following the above actions is the best way a student can avoid Move-Out Charges or Fines being placed on your Student Account. Fees include (not an exhaustive list):

  • $250 broom clean fine per student assigned to the room for additional cleaning/trash removal. This is not the cost for cleaning the room; it is a fine for failure to leave the room in the appropriate condition.
  • $150 missing or unreturned front door or bedroom key Charges for broken/damaged/missing items are based on extent of damage, with the total being divided by # of students in a room if no resident(s) take responsibility.

For more information regarding move out, visit the GW Housing website.