Second, Third, & Fourth Year Students

Second year students at the annual Halfway to Graduation Event

The Residential Engagement Team adds depth to student development and learning while engaging sophomores, junior, and seniors in meaningful relationships and experiences. In partnership with administrative and academic departments, Residential Engagement Team members connect students to resources, support, and experiences to help each student find their unique place at GW.

Our staff assists students as they prepare for a variety of opportunities – both internal and external of the GW community. Residential Engagement Team members facilitate exploration and connections to opportunities including, jobs, internships, studying aboard, or leadership positions within their student organizations.  Through innovative, interactive programs and partnerships, second, third and fourth year students can gain skills and knowledge that will assist them in tackling real-world issues and accomplishing their objectives. 

As students progress through their time at GW, our goal is to promote the development of their personal identity and long-term goals to facilitate turning their personal and professional aspirations into a reality. As seniors prepare to depart the GW community, our goal is to assist them with this transition and reflect on the exciting moments experienced during their time at the George Washington University.