Residential Engagement

The Center for Student Engagement’s Residential Engagement team is comprised of staff and students committed to excellence in service to the residents and residential communities at GW.  The CSE supports the residential experience of GW students through a variety of administrative, programmatic, and partnership initiatives. Our team aims to promote residential experiences rooted in strong communities within which students develop meaningful healthy relationships, support one another, and are empowered to make decisions that advance their personal, academic, and career goals. 

To speak with a CSE staff member regarding your roommates or a non-facilities-related issue in your room, contact the CSE main office at (202) 994-6555 or email to be connected to the staff member most able to assist.

Resident Advisors (RAs)

Resident Advisors serve as a vital peer-to-peer connection between students, support systems, communities, and the university. Whether having coffee with residents trying to settle on a major or trying to find their place at GW  or leading programs and initiatives that support resident s' interests, Resident Advisors each find unique ways to add value to their residents' experiences. The advice, guidance, care, and mentorship RAs provide to other students are what make the RA leadership role among the most impactful. 

Residence Directors (RDs)

Each residence hall has a Residence Director who serves as the primary CSE administrative contact for the building. Residence Directors provide supervision, guidance and support for the Resident Advisors in addition to coordinating response to escalated resident needs or concerns. 

Area Coordinators (ACs)

Area Coordinators who are full-time professional staff responsible for a configuration of residential communities. They provide administrative, planning, oversight, and management of student residential experiences in their configuration in addition to supervision of the Residence Directors and Resident Advisors of each building.

Contacts for Housing or Facilities-related Inquiries

For more information regarding the housing assignment process or to learn more about the amenities, locations, and costs of GW's residence halls, or if you have questions regarding your housing assignment, please visit the GW Housing website or call (202) 994-2552.

For information regarding keys, the maintenance of the residential facilites, or to report a facilities concern in your residence hall, please visit the Facilities Services website or contact the Facilities Customer Service Line at (202) 994-2430.