Goals and Priorities

Vision. GW is committed to support individuals in becoming their best possible selves.

Motto. Connect, support, empower.

Mission. We transform the student experience and empower students to become active and engaged global citizens and leaders.


  • Provide students with the theoretical foundations of leadership.
  • Facilitate opportunities to apply leadership theories in practice.
  • Empower students to develop their leadership through reflection and practice.


  • Advance residential engagement practices of full-time and student staff by enhancing our supervision and leadership practices and providing developmental experiences, support, and resources. (Residential Engagement)
  • To become a campus model of collaborative leadership. (Mount Vernon, Community Support and Leadership, and Student Involvement and Greek Life)
  • Create a centralized method and pathway through which the Center for Student Engagement (CSE) teaches leadership development for GW undergraduate students. (Community Support and Leadership)


  • Provide students with resources to navigate the logistical and procedural aspects of the college experience.
  • Create and develop high quality, sustained relationships with students.
  • Empower students' growth and development by helping them make meaning from both challenges and successes.


  • Enhance the value that our diverse affinity, thematic, and other specialized living communities bring to our residential population. (Residential Engagement)
  • Foster an environment for sustainable growth and development of student organizations. (Student Involvement and Greek Life)
  • Develop skills, knowledge, and abilities for students and organizations to be successful and recognizing those successes in a meaningful way. (Student Involvement and Greek Life)


  • Provide the environment and structure to support students in finding their niche and home at GW.
  • Facilitate the exploration and development of students' individual identities.
  • Empower students to experience and refine what it means for them to be active and engaged citizens.


  • Cultivate meaningful relationships with our residents and foster and promote the physical, social, and educational environments in the residence halls. (Residential Enggement)
  • Foster an inclusive environment that respects different points of view by encouraging intelletual curiosity, resourcefulnesss, and community. (Mount Vernon)
  • To enhance student experiences by creating a student focused atmosphere that takes advantage of the unique landscape of the campus thereby buiilding a lasting campus identity. (Mount Vernon)
  • Support the retention of students by designing and implementing programs focusing on integration, community building and skill development. (Community Support and Leadership)
  • Create and develop a dynamic environment that encourages student involvement, learning, and community development. (Student Involvement and Greek Life)

Departmental Excellence

  • Establish, maintain, and reinforce expectations that are clear and motivating.
  • Provide comprehensive support and resources to ensure the success of all CSE team members.
  • Trust CSE team members to approach their roles with the best of intentions and to strive for success.
  • Be at our best operationally, philosophically, and in performance of our responsibilities.


  • Advance residential engagement practices of full-time and student staff by enhancing our supervision practices and providing developmental experiences, support, and resources. (Residential Engagement)
  • Foster an environment that supports lifelong learning and become a catalyst for exploration in leadership, technology, and advocacy. (Mount Vernon)
  • Create a culture of continuous assessment and reflection. (Community Support and Leadership)
  • Review every program through the lens of diversity and inclusion to ensure equitable opportunity in our work. (Community Support and Leadership)