Event Planning for Student Organizations

Reserving Space

Student organizations can reserve space on the Foggy Bottom Campus and the Mount Vernon Campus. Spaces are controlled by a variety of offices across campus. Spaces available to student organizations include:

Space Managing Office
Academic spaces Academic Scheduling
District House OSE Reservations
Mitchell Theater OSE Reservations
Shenkman Community Room OSE Reservations
South Hall Community Room OSE Reservations
GW Museum and Textile Museum Available for events during operating hours via GW Museum | Request Form
Lisner Auditorium Events & Venues
Jack Morton Auditorium Events & Venues
City View Room / State Room Events & Venues
Alumni House Events & Venues
Outdoor spaces
Kogan Plaza, Square 80, Mid-Campus Quad, H Street Terrace
Events & Venues
Marvin Center*
Continental Ballroom, Grand Ballroom, meeting rooms, Betts Theatre, Amphitheater
Events & Venues
H Street Banner space Events & Venues
University Yard Events & Venues
Ames Hall Mount Vernon Campus Events
Post Hall Mount Vernon Campus Events
West Hall* Mount Vernon Campus Events
Hand Chapel Mount Vernon Campus Events
Eckles Library Mount Vernon Campus Events
Webb Building Mount Vernon Campus Events



How to Book Space

The reservation process for each space varies according to the managing department:

Managing Office Who Can Book How to Book
Academic Spaces Any member designated as a "Scheduler" in Engage portal Academic Scheduling
OSE Reservations Any member of your organization's Engage portal OSE Reservations
Events & Venues Any member of your organization's Engage portal Events & Venues Booking
Mount Vernon Campus Events Any member of your organization's Engage portal Mount Vernon Campus Booking

To learn how to update your organization's schedulers for academic space reservation, follow this step-by-step guide. 


Event Planning Guides

Guides for Events & Venues

Events & Venues oversees the Marvin Center, Lisner Auditorium, Jack Morton Auditorium, City View Room & State Room in 1957 E Street, Alumni House, and all outdoor space.

Guides for OSE Reservations

The CSE oversees District House, Mitchell Theater, and all residence hall community spaces. 

Vigils and Memorials


When the University community is impacted by unexpected tragedies, vigils and memorials can provide an opportunity for people to gather for mutual support, express emotions, and begin determining how to take purposeful action in response. Students that are interested in holding such an event should reach out to the Associate Dean of Students to discuss the most appropriate path forward. To facilitate a meaningful experience for students affected by an unexpected tragedy, the following guidelines are offered.


Adding Events to Engage

All student organizations can publish their events on the Engage platform - it's FREE marketing to the entire student community!